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JWS has a dedicated hosting server – we get a daily backup of our database. RAID enabled server so there is no risk of data loss. There is no risk of hacking and there is no slow motion issue. Dedicated server pages are open, your web site is very fast and the display is very high. You also get a great level of security by dedicated servers for your valuable data.

Your own member can now promote your site. On Facebook – Gmail – Twitter – By SMS – At whatsapp or LinkedIn Members can invite a friend to join your site. Administrators can see which members promote your site and how many times each member passes to others.

  • Administrators can obtain database backups at any time from their administrator part and save the database file on your computer. You can create unlimited database copies and download and save all database backups on your computer.
  • We provide online training for your computer like how to operate / generate pins and all on live chat, which is available on our website. This chat feature is also available to you for any difficulty in the future.
  • Register members are also learning online education on our website. In which you can learn Basic Computer Education, Hindi Tutorials, eBooks, Advance Courses and many other courses. Education educators can earn income.
  • Members can also create their own web page or page unlimited web space – and can enter their information, achievements and other information on their web pages and promote their business by sending their own web page link.
  • Now you can see your all-down-line photo on the tree view page in the member panel. This facility is available only with JWS in India.
  • Administrator can add any number of new joining option from admin area and set product price, description and image.
  • Each member will get their own ID card automatically – Members simply need to upload their photos on their photo cards, Welcome Letters, Rewards Accept, Top Achievers and their own web page.
  • With free shopping cart. Administrators can add any number of products to their e-shopping, set prices and sell their members. Members can purchase online and can directly pay the amount from e-Wallet account. Deliver the reproduction commission automatically in the above line.
  • You can send a text message from the administrator to your down line inbox and filter the filters, by city, state, id or name. Send messages about meetings, new product messages or any other. Members can also send message messages to the administrator or to any other member by User ID.
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